Erotic massage: everyone’s secret desire

Erotic massage KievEveryday routine is exhausting for both male and female audiences. Soul and body require complete relaxation, which will give you real unforgettable pleasure and an incredible flight of various sensations. Despite the fact that any representative of one sex or another has its own preferences, but in one respect they are all alike – each has its own secrets and sometimes even very “hot and sinful”. The adorable nymphs and seductive wizards of the Lux salon already today, already now, know how to solve them. One has only to make an appointment, visit Kiev and a flight of emotions is guaranteed.

An excellent way to experience frantic relaxation, enjoy the beauty and tenderness of the master goddess, enjoy the touches of two bodies and the technique of exciting touches – erotic massage Kiev. This is not an intimate service, but a kind of “full enjoyment session”, where an experienced and skilled masseuse performs the whole complex of a special type of massage.

First, the client takes a shower, strips naked and goes into a special room, the so-called comfort zone. The master also appears before the customer in complete nude, because her body is the main healing attribute. Further, each part of it is involved in this foreplay, mouth-watering breasts and juicy lips will slide along the client’s back, and arms and legs will massage every cell of a strong, courageous camp. The diva-master of the “Lux” salon will tirelessly and greedily wriggle in her performance in order to completely relax and maximize each chakra of her “ward”, in order to eventually bring him to a full final surge. These will be the hottest minutes, and maybe hours. Everything as the client wishes.

Such a rest will want to be repeated over and over again and in new interpretations. No problems! Moreover, erotic massage can be completely different. To understand what relaxation should be for everyone today, you need to visit the website of the salon and choose your masseuse girl and a specific type of massage.

Today Kiev indulges itself with completely different types of massage, among which classical Thai, Indian massage, body and bamboo technique, massage for two and erotic session have found their regular admirers. This is not surprising, since the uniqueness of all types is in the difference in their tactics, in the individual approach of the girls-craftswomen to absolutely any visitor. Each selected type will give its own sensations and orgasm of the soul, because this is something new and something that I always wanted to try. Oddly enough, but women also dream of experiencing something enchanting and knowing the pinnacle of unearthly pleasures. But many are embarrassed to admit such a mysterious desire. Therefore, an erotic massage will be an excellent gift or present for a beautiful hot lady. Moreover, a certificate for visiting the salon can be purchased at a good price.

3 explanations of erotic massage

Erotic body massage KievTantric massage is what is called the climax. Every person can learn to do such a massage. Everyone desires to receive ecstasy. This massage increases the energy level. All feelings are revealed. Tantric massage brings together spiritually. Therefore, many people who have ever experienced this form of sexual experience are constantly craving an erotic adventure. But where does the explosive experience of tantra come from? How is the state of ecstasy achieved and how does it reveal itself?

1. What is erotic massage in Lux?

Tantric massage relieves tension, namely of a sexual or spiritual nature. The body under tantric massage is performed. Tantric massage is dignified and respectful for all people who want to experience their sensuality. The roles are clearly defined: there is a giver and a receiver. The recipient of the massage does not touch the donor, the masseuse gives herself completely to his own feelings. There are erotic elements here. The female genital organ is called the yoni, the penis the lingam. Thus, if a person can experience a classical massage ritual, his delights will also be included in the tantric ritual of worship. This particular form of massage has nothing to do with prostitution or erotic service. Sexual desires are not negotiable. The recipient can only express where and how he does not want to be affected.

2. What is the purpose of tantric massage?

The body in tantric massage has the freedom to feel what it wants, emphasizing that the reactions to touch are very individual. Although the penis is massaged, orgasm is optional. Pressure or shame doesn’t matter. The peak should not be provoked, but not provoked either. The goal is to ensure well-being in your own body. At its best, access to a sweet orgasm is also created, which is fully experienced physically. When it comes to orgasm, it is often perceived as intoxication. All cells are revitalized, filled with energy. The person is fully awake and relaxed.

3. How does tantric massage work?

The massage creates a cozy atmosphere very slowly. Clothes are removed completely. Then warm oil is applied to the body and massaged. The massage extends from hair to fingertips. Each zone is included. The massage usually lasts at least 1.5 hours. It naturally takes time for arousal to develop until a woman’s yoni opens and a man’s lingam is aroused. The longer the massage itself, the deeper the relaxation. Since the genitals are relaxed during massage, ejaculation of a person can occur. In addition, anal and prostate massage can be part of the treatment. After the massage ritual, a person can relax and feel all the subtleties of the post-massage action, then get rid of the oil and take a shower. In the following conversation, the tantric ritual ends. The massage should be done smoothly and slowly.