Body massage

Body massage: sex with husband

Боди массаж в КиевеThe first years of living together with my husband, sex is just amazing. What happens next. Why is sex with my husband not the same?

What happened. Over the years, in a family where two loving people are living everyday life. You have already lived a lot of you, the husband knows from all sides of the intimate plan. In order to get you back the old sex.

How to have sex with your husband?

Several rules for bringing sex back to the family.

Refresh your wardrobe.

In men, clothes, or rather underwear, cause strong arousal. Stockings, thongs. Beautiful lingerie will make your husband in awe of having sex with you. After all, your new “wrapper” showed your husband another person. So that sex with my husband does not fade away.

No need before sex and after walking naked. Add some eroticism. Slow undressing will excite your husband much more than you will simply quickly undress and go to bed. Be a bit out of reach. Let your husband take the initiative to win you over. Remind the man that he is a male hunter.

Temporary immobilization

Every man has lustful fantasies. Give your husband a present. Before your sex with your husband. Tie your arms with ribbons to the bed. Make yourself a victim. Such games will revive a man very much. Games for a man are always turned on by the fact that, here he is a hunter caught his prey. The main thing is that the man likes it. There are cases in this situation. The man opened the door to your bedroom, saw that you were tied and went to watch TV, so as not to disturb him.

Watching adult films

Men are somehow embarrassed to watch adult films with their wife for several reasons. They are afraid that while watching them they will have an erection and some women start to make a row. Saying that, you have erection on these girls, but not on me. Women don’t do that. If you and your husband have planned to watch a movie. Try to extract new poses from there. Look at your husband by his look, you can understand which scene he liked, and suggest trying it with him. The man will not refuse. And you will like it.

Light body massage with eroticism.

Offer your husband an erotic body massage. A man will immediately want you to do a body massage. Do not show any signs of sex. Let it be a mystery to him. Body massage in Kiev is well suited as a prelude. Body massage can be just stroking. Go around intimate places, do not touch. When the man relaxes, he will ask you to touch the X place. Well, here’s the sex.

Preparing your womb.

In order for sex with your husband to go well, prepare your bed. Don’t tell your man about such a surprise. Place candles by your bed. Cover your bed with linens that are slipable and soft.

You can turn on romantic music. Bring romance and sex into your room. Be an erotic designer. Make your bedroom a treasure trove of love and passion.

Sex. Husband is sleeping

Many women say that when they offer sex to their husband, he immediately pretends to be asleep. A man refuses sex for several reasons. He was tired after a hard day at work. These can be problems at work. Women don’t push the man. He still won’t concentrate for sex. Leave him alone for today. Perhaps, over time, problems will be solved, and your husband will again take the place of your beloved man and sexual partner.

And the main thing. Women don’t try to change everything overnight. Otherwise, your husband will not understand what is happening. And you won’t have sex. A man will constantly look for what is the reason for all changes.