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What is the danger of erotic massage?

Best erotic massageNow, in many cities, many massage parlors have opened, which provide services including those related to massage not only of the back. An example of such a massage parlor is Lux. There are such massage parlors in almost any city and they do not provide prohibited services. However, there are adult massage services, when the masseur and the visitor are naked in the same room, and the massage itself without intimacy leads to relaxation.

Such erotic massage parlors do not violate the law, but by definition are adult establishments in which socially condemned activities take place. These are not intimate services, since sex is prohibited in such salons. However, physical contact between the masseuse and the visitor still takes place. And here lies the danger for both visitors and employees of the massage parlor.


Even classical massage carries the risks of picking up some unpleasant problem in the form of diseases. The same goes for visiting public places such as a swimming pool, sauna, and so on.

In massage parlors, where there is contact between the hands and body parts of the masseur and the client’s erogenous zones, it is more dangerous, because after all, this is a fairly tight contact. And although protective oils and gels are used to protect against infections, you need to understand that a stream of people passes through the masseurs. And nobody knows what their state of health is. By the way, this also applies to many public pools, where information is often not asked.

So, if the massage therapist and / or the client has any microtraumas, then there is a great risk of picking up something. But even if the skin condition is perfect, there are diseases that are transmitted through simple skin contact. Banal – pubic lice (head lice), for example. And this is the most harmless thing that happens. And from this no one is immune.

Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s employees are constantly asked for a medical record, as well as all other catering employees? The point is that many diseases are contagious during human-human contact. And it is important to know about this before going to any massage. Including such a specific massage as erotic.