Eromassage in Kiev

Erotic massage in Kiev: history, benefits, features

Subdued light, complete relaxation and the absence of thoughts in the head …
All sensations are concentrated on the surface of the skin and slowly fill the consciousness with pleasure …

Problems remained outside the door, the phone was turned off and there was nothing else – just pleasure and a desire to stretch the time indefinitely …

All this is available to everyone in Kiev who takes a step towards their desires, leaves complexes and fears, surrendering to the range of sensations from of erotic massage.

The history of the formation of erotic massage: bright sensuality through the ages

Эромассаж в КиевеThe “homeland” of erotic massage is hot Asia. China, Burma, Thailand, Pakistan, India – the multifaceted culture of these and other countries has influenced the formation of the art of massage.

Mild effects on acupuncture points contributed not so much to erotic goals as wellness. It is quite possible to assert that this type of massage is a “peer” of humanity, but the first mentions of it are contained in the ancient treatises “Kama Sutra” and “Tao of Love”.

And if in the first treatise the emphasis was on entourage (the use of oils, incense, exciting details), then in the “Tao of Love” more attention was paid to acupuncture. Gathering all the best of the two traditions together, through trial and selection of the best techniques, a modern erotic massage was formed.

The benefits of professional erotic massage: why absolutely everyone should try

First of all, it is raising … the mood! Having signed up for such a massage once, you will definitely want to repeat the session. Moreover, erotic massage:

  • relaxes all muscles of the body;
  • relieves stress; increases potency;
  • affects erogenous zones;
  • helps to increase endorphin.

But, in addition to the obvious advantages, there are also non-obvious and very important points: increasing self-confidence, teaching foreplay and helping with personal failures in love. It is sometimes difficult to admit that there are such problems even to yourself. But skillful girls with experience in erotic massage do not require confessions from you – they just do their job well. This is especially true for older men who want to maintain and increase self-confidence.

Despite the obvious moment of intimacy, this massage always remains “on the edge” and does not turn into something more. Music and surroundings, attractive postures and sensual emotions never go beyond what is permissible, but even this is enough to get pleasure from the process. You can come alone or with your soul mate – in this case, erotic massage diversifies the experience of the couple, breathes new life into the relationship. In total, you will get a rich and vibrant personal life, without destroying your family, as is often the case in cases of adultery … Your body will learn to feel bright and subtle, and you will learn to get the most out of possible pleasure. At the same time, the confidentiality of the client and his safety are fully preserved, no prohibitions are violated and there is no talk of sexual contact.

This massage is perfectly combined with other types of massage and complements them. It spices up personal life and adds new emotions to it. He teaches you to be open to enjoyment and be able to surrender to caresses.

Don’t stop yourself from desiring. Having tried it once, you will probably want to repeat the session. After all, every time the level of sensuality and pleasure only strives for perfection.

Erotic massage in Lux salon – new facets of sensual pleasure

Modern classical massage is characterized by a variety of techniques. There is an option here for fans of manual therapy, as well as techniques for uncovering unknown nooks and crannies of libido. In the latter case, they mean on-site erotic massage in the city of Kiev – a service provided by specially trained masters who visit the client in person.