Erotic massage in Kiev

Erotic massage in the city of Kiev is in demand among men and women of different ages and social status.

The benefits of this service were appreciated by people with different sexual experiences and appetites. Erotic massage is performed on a completely naked body. During the session, the masseur uses both hands and other parts of the body – breasts, buttocks, etc. The procedure excludes sexual contact between the client and the master.

Stages of exposure:

  • traditionally, the session begins with stroking and rubbing the back;
  • the next step the masseur kneads the chest, starting from the ribs and pumping with the shoulder girdle;
  • then the master performs an erotic massage of the lower back with palmar surfaces;
  • the final stage of the session is stroking the genitals.

Popular techniques and benefits of sensual massage

Эротик массаж в КиевеErotic massage uses classic techniques in the form of stroking. However, the therapist acts more tactfully, relying on tactile contact with the client, using gentle and gentle movements. Stroking is performed with the pads of the fingers and palms, using minimal physical force. Feathers, fur and fabric accessories, rings, ice floes and heated stones are used as accessories. Movements can be straight, zigzag, circular, alternating, etc.

Key benefits of the service:

  • many varieties for every occasion and taste;
  • the ability to get rid of or prevent functional sexual disorders;
  • restoration of blood circulation in tissues and muscles;
  • the opportunity to diversify the sexual experience;
  • quick stress relief, elimination of nervousness and depressive moods;
  • adjusting the hormonal system.

Types and advantages of massage services in the Kiev salon Lux

Massage salon “Lux” in Kiev is a godsend for fans of erotic relaxation. The sessions are performed by experienced craftsmen who guarantee the client the highest pleasure. The service involves various execution techniques:

Body massage. A type of Thai massage practice, during which the hands and other parts of the body are used, affecting the erogenous zones and genitals. Tantric massage. This technique focuses on the genital area, inviting the client to enjoy the Indian atmosphere. Sakura branch massage. Here the master uses gentle touches of the tongue, lips and even teeth.

Salon Lux is the key to a pleasant pastime for both men and women. Here you can discover new facets of sensuality, forgetting about the routine of everyday life.