Tantric erotic massage

Tantric massage – a unique technique for an unforgettable pleasure

Tantric erotic massage is a popular massage technique, which is a certain sequence of movements that can deliver erotic pleasure. This practice allows you to reveal the fine lines of feelings for your partner, give him unforgettable pleasure and exchange energy.

The Art of Quality Tantric Massage: Technique

Тантрический эротический массажIn the process of performing tantric massage, there are no strict rules and ready-made sets of manipulations that are guaranteed to please a person: an individual approach is very important here, because someone will have an erogenous zone with earlobes, someone will have a neck, and someone – toes. Modern tantric massage has no restrictions: during the session, you can touch any part of the body.

Massage movements are performed gently and seem to flow into each other. As a result of such touches, a feeling of enveloping the body is created, and the partner can relax as much as possible, tuning in to receive pleasure.

So that in the process of performing massage movements a person can completely trust a specialist, a special atmosphere is created in the massage room. You can do this with:

  • relaxing music;
  • fragrant incense;
  • erotic clothing;
  • essential oils.

A true professional in the field of tantric massage monitors the movement of energy in the body, practices energy exchange with a partner, and also helps him to plunge into a state of absolute harmony and bliss.

Who is tantric massage suitable for: health and pleasure in one session

Tantric massage is an unusual erotic massage: this technique is able not only to give unforgettable sensations, but also to fill the human body with strength, energy, sexuality and health.

According to the rules of Tantra, only by giving can you get something. That is why tantric massage is a real art of energy exchange, in which there are no rules: you can fantasize and do whatever you want with your partner’s body, the main thing is to tune it in to get pleasure.

In the process of tantric massage:

  • blood circulation improves;
  • the level rises energy;
  • The nervous system is “resting”;
  • sexuality awakens;
  • libido increases.

Very often, this type of massage is used before intercourse. In this case, both partners are tuned in to receive new emotions and vivid sexual sensations.

However, tantric massage can be used not only as a foreplay: if you just want to relax and have unforgettable pleasure, you can safely practice this massage technique.

This massage is not just a mechanical effect on the human body. With its help, you can work with the energy centers of a person, fill him with the power of the Universe and even purify consciousness.

Competent tantric massage switches attention from everyday bustle to sensations and work with the body, which often remains “unused”. This practice releases a huge amount of sexual energy and brings unforgettable pleasure to both partners!