Vip massage

Erotic VIP massage

Erotic VIP massage is a unique piquant adventure, an unforgettable pleasure. It can be delivered to yourself or presented to a friend. They provide a service in massage parlors where girls of stunning beauty work.

Erotic VIP massage: what the procedure includes

Эротический VIP массажEromassage salons offer clients a whole range of services. It includes different packages, but Night Angels erotic massage is usually the most expensive service. It implies the fulfillment of any whims, desires and even fantasies of the client. This is a whole event that takes more than one hour, and sometimes the whole night. Before going to the salon, customers can go to the official website of the institution to see photos of the girls. Usually these are rather spicy photos, where the masseuses are shown in all their glory. The data of beauties are often indicated here: name, age, size of clothes and bust. Nevertheless, it is better to look at the masters when visiting. Some girls will be even more beautiful than in the photo.

VIP massage can include a different set of services. It can imply the participation of one or two craftswomen at once. Eromassage in four hands is an amazing, unforgettable pleasure. But the massage itself is usually preceded by relaxing, customizing procedures. It can be a shower or a jacuzzi with one or two beauties at once, a spicy show, sometimes even a lesbian. And all this in luxurious apartments, where all the conditions are created for the client to relax. Additionally, champagne can be offered, sometimes light stimulating snacks.

Only after such a foreplay is the client ready for an erotic massage. The VIP package often combines different techniques. This is Thai, tantric and body massage. It can be gentle and thrilling, or passionate and fiery. It all depends on the mood and wishes of the clients. A girl with her naked body slides over the client, touching him not only with her hands, as in a regular massage, but also with her breasts, buttocks, hair, thighs, and sometimes intimate places. At the same time, all the movements of the craftswoman are clearly verified, the client not only gets amazing pleasure, but the massage also has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the whole body, filling it with strength and new energy.

During the massage, aromatic oils are usually used, in addition, feathers can be used, at the request of the client to add piquancy to pieces of ice and melted wax. Candles, incense and relaxing music create the right mood. The apartment has a truly comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Why choose erotic VIP massage

VIP packages in erotic massage parlors are usually expensive, but you have to pay for the pleasure. Choosing this service has a number of advantages:

The duration of the procedure allows you to completely relax and enjoy it.
The most beautiful girls are provided for the client’s choice.
Craftswomen foresee the slightest wishes of the client, ready to fulfill his fantasies, but it is worth remembering that intimate services are not provided in the salon.

Eromassage allows you not only to rest and relax, but also to recharge with new strength, get rid of the accumulated tension.